Established in 1994

Preparing your own resume isn't that easy. It's best to ask one of our trained experts to create the professional set of documents you will need to apply for work. From students, entry level to managers or non-managers, we can produce a high quality resume and cover letter. We'll tailor it to your needs and what an employer needs to read. What is your job title? Let us know and send in a job posting by email.

We'll review everything and provide you with a quote.  We've received 1000s of great reviews and would like to share them with you.

Telephone us Monday to Friday 8:15 am - 8:00 pm.

We accept various types of payment at the time of order.

How may we help you this week or next week? Plan ahead so we can book a time to work in partnership with you either by phone and email or in person at our office near the Finch Subway in Toronto, Ontario. 

Email your material for a quote:  and phone: 416-226-0460.

CPRW Credential

Karen Shane received this certificate based on demonstrated attainment of the highest standards and qualifications within the resume writing industry. 

CRS Credential

I am one of the founding members .